15 Best Free Photo Editing Software for Windows

Pictures are always good to look but when you add the spice of photo editing, it becomes coolest. So, this becomes the preferred tool for every professional, model to a politician photographer to designers. The more you use; the love towards it will be increased.

Surely, you just want to know about software. So, to help you in that here you find the top 15 Best Free Photo Editing Software.


Paint.NET is really the coolest freeware and it can move its window panes as per your customization need. It also offers you the plug-ins through that you can support the new file formats and also you can add new effects as well. It has innovative tools like pencil, text maker, clone stamp and more to add the perfect layers, effects as per your requirements. So, shape the right way to your thinking with the assistance of this software.

Download Paint.NET

Krita Desktop

Another best open source Photo Editing Software is Krita Desktop. It is not only the easier to use but also the advanced one. As you start working on that, there are some certain things that you fall in love. The first thing is its floating toolbox. When you start working in layers that box will be to the side of the program. You will find many other features like brushes and blending modes, drawing aids, symmetry tools, filters, advanced selection and masking tools and effects. Most of the best feature is when you start working on it, you can maximize the canvas. So, go for it and fly high through the creativity. It works with Linux, and Mac as well along with the windows.

Download Krita Desktop


The most used and one of the best photo editors is Pixlr. You can do a miracle with their online used tools and each of their four editions is free. So, use the Pixlr Editor, Pixlr Today, Pixlr Express, and Pixlr O-Matic.

Download Pixlr


The most professional one is GIMP. This software offers you the best friendly and flexible interface. So, download now and start working on it.

Download GIMP


3D boxes, circles, stars, arcs and more you want to create, then you should stop here. Not only that you can also make the spirals, ellipses and polygons. So, this software provides the freedom to fly high to your creativity. Obviously features like spell check, working on layers make this more perfect compared to others. So, go for it.

Download Inkscape


When you have Fotor, you can edit online on your browser and it makes it different than others.  Along with the same, the software offers beauty retouching as well. So, go ahead and explore it fully to give the right shape to the photos.

Download Fotor


CinePaint is not coolest one but you can find layers here that are supportive. Along with this feature, you are also able to overlay images on each other, can change their blend mode and edit the opacity. You also get the selection tool.

Download CinePaint


GIF creator, the ability to create a 3D cube or globe, layer support, and more, you find here in Photobie. But, when you think that you are going to use the same, then please remind one thing that it has many features but tough to find. So, after installing it, check everything and then start using the same.

Download Photobie


PaintStar is rich with different features like layers, custom brush settings, filters, a clone stamp tool and more. So, when you use this, you get the canvas that is opened for the photo editing. So, do it properly and save the same in the popular formats.

Download PaintStar

Photo Pos Pro

Photo Pos Pro is also different and gives the best experience of editing. When you open it, you find its own pane that is moved freely around the screen and so, you can do the advanced image editing. So, enjoy the best platform for doing the perfect work and you truly shape the creativity with ease.

Download Photo Pos Pro


PhotoScape is just awesome for beginners and masters both. You can do the raw conversion, animated GIF creation, photo splitting and merging and much more through the same. So, use this for your editing purpose and create something out of the box by its features and more.

Download PhotoScape


If you don’t want overflowing software with the features, then EasyComic is the name that you should go with. Nature images, speech bubbles, cartoon effects and more you can easily drag and fix on the canvas to give the special look. Along with the same rotate, line tools, and resize functions will make your images just awesome. So, selecting this software will be the call to take, no matter you are beginner or experience one.

Download EasyComic


This is the software where you find tons of useful image editing tools. Also, it is the platform where you find some of the popular image file formats. So, use the editing tools like paint bucket, crop, text, and gradient tool for making your images more colorful and perfect.

Download Artweaver


This is the most user-friendly and as it comes from Google, so you can trust on the quality that you are going to get from it. It is just perfect as the image viewer with mediocre features in editing aspect as well.  You get the additional customization option here to make your images more effective as per your desire. So, use this cool editor for doing the work perfectly.

Download Picasa


BeFunky is the one that is perfect online photo editor and you get the perfect collages. It has the ability to pick the photos from the desktop to social sites Facebook or Dropbox. So, download it today and enjoy its features like basic editing, touch up and more. In a word, this is the superb one.

Visit BeFunky

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