Recently, I came across this newly introduced free mobile VPN which is faster than any other VPN I have ever seen. The foremost use of this app is accessing blocked websites without worrying about speed or VPN data. It not only provides high speed but also provides privacy and security.

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FYI, the company claims the app as privacy-first DNS resolver but it is a kind of VPN which they aren’t describing due to unknown reasons.

Cloudflare is known for their web security products, one of their recent products is public DNS service They claim to be faster than all other public DNS service.

Why do I call it as a VPN?

Simple. Install the application and you will know it. Once you turn this app on, you won’t be able to activate any other VPN application since the app itself is a VPN. It creates a VPN profile to encrypt your DNS queries.

Remember that your IP address do not remain hidden, unlike a typical VPN application. 

They are spoofing our IP address on the other end, therefore your public IP address remains the same.

Also, if you are using a public DNS resolver, you still won’t be able to access a blocked website because you aren’t querying web content to the DNS resolver, you are just retrieving the IP address of the host. But when you use this app, you will be able to access any blocked website since it is a VPN. I find this as one of the best alternatives to access blocked websites.

Key benefits of this app

  1. Faster DNS.
  2. No-logging of DNS queries. They delete all the data over a period of 24 hours.
  3. Accessing blocked websites.
  4. High speed data.
  5. No VPN data limits.
  6. Secure, since all your DNS queries are encrypted.
  7. 99% up-time due to powerful global network.
  8. Privacy, they don’t sell your data unlike other DNS resolver.