So, you are looking for a way to make money from online jobs (so-called making money online).

Fortunately, you are at the right place at the right time. You may be a student or an employee or a businessman or someone who is trying hard to get a job. Despite your employment status, you can make your livelihood using the Internet under certain conditions.

Before discussing the topic, I should actually make you believe that I am knowledgeable enough to teach you about online jobs. Therefore, I enlist here the details of my online earnings to make you believe that I am not bluffing. Generally, I feel uncomfortable about sharing data of my earnings but I am doing so to prove that anybody can make money using online jobs.

Here it goes,

Google AdSense revenue (Website ads)

This is a snapshot of November month’s AdSense account earnings.

Google Adsense Earnings

Facebook Bug Bounty

Facebook rewarded me for finding hacks (security vulnerabilities) on their website. I have been actively participating in Facebook bug bounty for the last 5 years. The following snapshot shows one of my highest reward payouts from Facebook.

FB Reward

Bluehost Affiliate Income

Bluehost Affiliate

and the list goes on with few more micro earnings.

Nice, no? 

I promise you that you cannot make this much of income EASILY 😀 😉

I have worked terribly hard to get to where I am now.

“ the harder i WORK, the luckier i get ”

I assure you that you will earn good amount of money if you are ready to work hard.

Also, read how to create WordPress blog in 3 simple steps.

Hope I got your attention 😀 and let us lay some ground rules (or bitter truth’s ) before we jump into the article.

  • What I am going to discuss is not an easy-to-do data entry or typing job that you might have come across in almost every tutorial.  Of course, typing is involved but that doesn’t mean typing is enough.
  • I am not going to ask you money, not even a penny for sharing my knowledge. You might be wondering why I do this for free. I make money using advertisements placed on my websites and also from referring products (affiliate income), we will discuss it in later sections.
  • There are thousands of fake money making tutorials out there on the Internet. Don’t believe anything without proper researching. There are hundreds of people on the internet who ask money for teaching bunch of worthless things. Please don’t go behind all those scammers. There are only a few people whom we can really trust. I guarantee that this guide is something unique and worth your time. I will not leave you hanging until you make your first paycheck. 
  • We are going to see both ways of with and without investment to make money online. Don’t retreat yourself if you don’t have enough money. Money investments reduce the time taken to earn whereas zero investments take additional time to make your first paycheck. 
  • If you are someone who is looking to skyrocket your income with no time and effort, then I am sorry to tell you that this article is not written for you. Please do not waste your precious time here.
  • It is almost impossible to explain how to make your first paycheck on each of the 100 ways in one article. So join our email community to read the respective article once it is published. We will cover each way one by one depending upon the priority and the number of users subscribed.
  • This article is insanely long to read. Go through the entire article if your time permits. Otherwise, use the table of contents given below to read whatever you want. Remember this URL to visit this page later.

Go ahead only if you have enough patience, dedication and time. 

Let’s see the ways to make money online without further delay.


What are your key investments?

Major investments need not be money all the time. Time is the major source of investment we are going to put here. Secondly, you will have to invest from zero to a little amount of money as an investment.

How much time will you be able to invest?

If you are a student, you will have a fair amount of time to invest.

If you are an employee, you will still have a moderate amount of time to invest. Don’t leave your job before earning your first income, say $100 or whatever threshold you find good enough.

If you are a businessman, you should already be spending all your time in your business. Therefore, you will invest some part of your time to improve your business using the Internet.

If you are an unemployed or homemaker, you are the fittest candidate for online jobs among all of the above 😀 since you will have a great amount of time to invest.

How much money do you need to invest?

“ Sometimes your best investments are the ones you didn’t make ”

If you have a few hundred dollars, don’t hesitate to invest it. But know well about your investments before making it, that’s when it will become a wise investment.

Most of the following ways need a little amount of money as an investment and few other ways don’t require money investment at all. So don’t retreat if you don’t have enough money. You can still make money online using the free resources I share here. All you need is dedication and patience.

Your investments include (but not limited to the list)

  • Web Hosting
  • Domain
  • Advertisements
  • Marketing Tools
  • Books
  • Other Appropriate Services

Job or Self Employment

You need to choose whether you are going to take up a job or be self-employed. Here, a job doesn’t mean a regular 9 to 5 office job, it actually means an independent online job.

Online job and self-employment look similar but they are actually different. If somebody gives you a topic and ask you to write an article, then it is a job assigned to you and you will get paid for it. If you are going to write an article for your own website, then it is self-employment.

We have a variety of online ways to earn from both taking up a job online and being self-employed. Both have its own pros and cons. It is you who are going to decide what suits you the best. But I personally recommend you to choose self-employment because you will never regret your decision later in life. You will learn (as well as earn) a lot even though it takes time.


Pros of doing online job

  • Less time needed to earn your first income.
  • Zero to low risk.
  • Zero to low investment

Cons of doing online job

  • There is a limit on how much you can earn.
  • Active income.

Pros of being self-employed

  • No limits on how much you can earn.
  • Passive income.
  • Zero to moderate investment.

Cons of being self-employed

  • Takes time.
  • Moderate risk.

Ways to Make Money Online from Self-Employment

#1 Blogging

It is unfair to not begin my list with blogging because blogging gave the freedom in my work life that I always needed. It is also helping me bootstrap my startup through passive income.

Blogging has become very competitive and all those who are looking to choose blogging as a profession are afraid of this fact, but that is really not the case.
I find 90 out of 100 bloggers fail because they either give up very soon or proceed in the wrong direction. So, you need not be afraid of your online rivals if you follow some strategies that I am about to share here.

The biggest challenges in blogging are driving traffic and monetization. Few bloggers are good at driving traffic and few are good at monetizing techniques, but to be a successful blogger, you gotta excel in both.

The earning potential varies based on the choice of monetization technique and industry/niche we choose.

We have a detailed article on “How to make your first paycheck through blogging“. You can read it by clicking the link.

You can learn about blogging in our existing articles and future articles by subscribing to our blogging newsletter. Also, we will soon launch a special blogging course where you will get extra information, case studies (those things will not be shared on our website) and personal consultation (only for few selected people). It is not a paid course but it is not free as well 😉

Whenever we give a course for free, people take it for granted. Therefore, we are conducting a  registration process through which we will select a limited number of people based on their application. We will notify our email subscribers once the course is live.

There are a lot of blogging platforms available on the Internet but I would like to highlight a few major platforms.

#1.1 WordPress

Investment $120 to $200 USD
Revenue Potential High
Time required to earn your first income: 6 to 10 months
Monetization Google AdSense, Affiliate Marketing, Direct Advertising

WordPress is widely used open source blogging platform. The biggest advantage of choosing WordPress over Blogspot is flexibility. You can do whatever you want with WordPress. You can even create your own plugin or theme to match your need and requirements.

But you have to take on the bet of dealing with technical stuff like setting up a domain, hosting and other things. It is no rocket science. You can do it yourself with the help of step by step guides. Major investments are a domain, hosting, ads and marketing tools.

Non-techies should choose WordPress hosting from hosting providers like Bluehost where you don’t need to set up hosting and domain separately.

Read how to setup wordpress blog and make money here. 

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#1.2 Blogspot

Investment $0 to $100
Revenue Potential Medium
Time required to earn your first income: 9 to 12 months
Monetization Google AdSense, Affiliate Marketing, Direct Advertising

Blogspot is one of the most underestimated ways to make money online. Actually, it is the best easy way to start your online blogging journey.

You will get free Blogspot subdomain, free hosting, and free CMS. What else can we ask? This is the best free blogging service powered by Google. All you need is a Google account and that’s all, you are done.

Once you have your blog set up, you should drive traffic and monetize the content. I have written a detailed a-z guide on how to setup and run a successful blog on Blogspot.  You can read it here.

There are a few limitations in blogger, therefore if you decide to take blogging as a full-time profession, blogger is not the final answer. Hence it is better to choose WordPress if you are ready to invest $100 initially. Otherwise, start with blogger and migrate to WordPress once you start earning money.

#1.3 Medium

Investment $0 to $100
Revenue Potential Low (since it is still in beta)
Time required to earn your first income: 10 to 12 months
Monetization Affiliate Marketing, Medium Claps Revenue

Medium is another powerful social platform connecting writers and readers. It is attracting a lot of users who read content regularly. Therefore you can relax the pain of driving traffic to your articles. But you should have compelling content to get users attention.Creating a medium blog is very simple just like creating a Google account.

Medium does not support third-party advertising platforms like AdSense or Affiliate marketing is the only easy way to earn money but again you should have some great content to get a consistent source of income.

I think direct advertising is against their policies. There is no proper data on how much they pay based on Medium claps (Like button of Medium).

However, trying this platform along with Blogspot or WordPress is a wise idea.

#2 Bug Bounty 

Investment 0 to $100 USD
Revenue Potential Medium to High
Time required to earn your first income: 10 to 12 months
Monetization Rewards

I knew that bug bounty shouldn’t come in second place under this list since one requires a lot of efforts, learning, and patience to succeed. As the bug bounty program has changed my life positively to a great extent, I couldn’t resist myself from writing about it. I couldn’t have gotten rid of my financial responsibilities without the help of Bug bounty programs.

You might have seen in the beginning, the proof of the highest bounty of $12,500 from Facebook. That is exactly when I was able to get out of my day to day job with an attractive salary of $500 per month. $500 US dollars might sound less for some people but it is really a good pay for an engineer with less than one year experience in India. My boss was nice enough to double my salary when I applied for resignation. One thousand dollars is still a lucrative salary for an average Indian like me but I don’t want to miss the opportunity to pursue my dreams. I always keep this quote in my mind when I face such situations.

“ don’t burn your OPPORTUNITIES for temporary comfort 

What then? I left my job and the story is and will be on and on 😀 😉

Coming back to our context, bug bounties can change your life if you do it right. But it is not so easy for non-techies. If you are already pursuing IT career then you can give a try.

Tech giants like Google, Facebook, Apple & Microsoft run their own bug bounty programs. Every program has their own reward tiers and structures.

There are a lot of other websites running bug bounty programs. You can check out the complete list here.

Another interesting factor of bug bounty programs other than reward is HOF aka Hall of fame. Every website has their own hall of fame page where you find all people name who have reported vulnerabilities. Many successful bug hunters have got placed in various MNCs due to their fame and reputation. Therefore it can even get you a permanent job hence all you need is passion.

However, don’t choose this option just for the sake of making money because you will eventually fail.

I repeat, bug bounty program as a career takes very much time to gain knowledge and also to find vulnerabilities. If you are passionate about information security then you can become a successful bounty hunter. Otherwise, this is not your cup of tea 🙂

I am going to write a guide on how to start on bug bounties soon. Subscribe to our bug bounties newsletter to know more.

#3 Vlogging 

Vlogging is the second most widely used technique to earn money online next to Blogging. You might have seen many YouTube stars making millions of dollars through Vlogging. Vlogging is lot more competitive than blogging since you just a need a camera (a smartphone does the job too). Sometimes you don’t even need a camera, just a laptop with a good editing software is enough.

There are two misconceptions we should address when we talk about Vlogging.

  1. People think either it is too easy or too hard. I have seen both categories of people. It is not too easy nor too hard. I agree it has become competitive but that doesn’t mean every vlogger is successful isn’t it? You have to work hard to be a successful vlogger.
  2. Earning money in Vlogging is easy. Not at all. The biggest platform in the field of vlogging is YouTube. The conventional way of earning from YouTube is advertising through AdSense. AdSense ads are as good as your channel’s reputation given that it drives some traffic. Otherwise, you will have a hard time.

I found one interesting comment on a YouTube video and that pretty much sums up the general misconception around making money through YouTube.

“If you earn one rupee (equivalent to 0.016 US Dollar) per visitor then you could be earning around Rs.1,00,000 (equivalent to $1500 on average) for 100k views on each video”

Definitely, that’s not how AdSense algorithm pays a Youtuber. You need to build up your reputation only then you can earn good amount of money. Ask a novice and you will know the truth. Every new vlogger will have a hard time earning money through AdSense.
Earning potential is very less for newbies. You get almost nothing when you start. It is recommended to use affiliate marketing as a part of monetization process. Let us see some major platforms to start a Video Blog. Subscribe to our Vlogging newsletter to know more.

#3.1 YouTube

Investment $0 to $600
Revenue Potential Medium to High
Time required to earn your first income: 10 to 12 months
Monetization Affiliate Marketing, AdSense, Direct Advertising

YouTube is one of the largest video sharing platforms. Creating a video is very simple nowadays but driving people to see your video is the hardest part. You should create some interesting and awesome content to reach more people on YouTube.

One of the biggest advantages of YouTube over other money making platforms is “Organic Reach”, that works even for a newcomer. If you have a great video then you are likely to get user’s attention without spending a penny on marketing.

People often confuse subscribers with the number of views one video can get. This is similar to Facebook likes and post reach. Each and every video you upload to your Youtube channel doesn’t necessarily reach all your subscribers. At the same time, your video can reach people who haven’t subscribed to your channel. It is because the algorithm of the YouTube feed is based on the user’s interest. If I happen to like your videos and watch it very often, then the next time you post a video it will be suggested in my feed and also to those who share similar interests as me. Likewise, there are hundreds of other factors and signals that may influence organic reach.

That is why reaching more people through viral content on YouTube is easier than blogging. As I have said earlier, each and every new youtuber has to overcome initial hurdles in the process of making money. Affiliate marketing is the best source of income you can ever get through YouTube but you need targeted traffic.

We will soon be covering how to earn the first paycheck through Vlogging on YouTube. Subscribe to our Vlogging newsletter to know more.

#3.2 Facebook

Investment $0 to $600
Revenue Potential Medium to High
Time required to earn your first income: 10 to 12 months
Monetization Affiliate Marketing, Facebook Audience Network (still in beta), Direct Advertising

Facebook is one of the biggest rivals of YouTube. They are constantly working to improve their video sharing platform.

On the other hand, YouTube gets around 40% of its total referral traffic from Facebook. Promoting YouTube videos through Facebook is also a good option. But uploading directly to Facebook gives you a better reach for the videos. Additionally, Facebook’s news feed algorithm gives more importance to videos than YouTube links.

Put a YouTube video link and a Facebook video on a Facebook page to learn the difference for yourselves.

Facebook’s audience network is similar to YouTube’s Adsense to monetize the videos but the platform is still in beta and is limited to only a few number of publishers in the US. We can expect fully-fledged audience network ads for videos soon.

People who choose this option can monetize their content through affiliate marketing and direct advertising.

#3.3 Dailymotion

Investment $0 to $600
Revenue Potential Medium to High
Time required to earn your first income: 10 to 12 months
Monetization Affiliate Marketing, Direct Advertising

Dailymotion is one of the good alternatives of YouTube. Dailymotion’s default advertising is not up to the mark. So you should either use affiliate marketing or direct advertising to start up Vlogging.

You can even sell your own products and promote it through Dailymotion by creating interesting videos. If you choose Dailymotion, expand your channel to Youtube or Facebook as well to reduce the risks of failing. A viral reach of a video differs with Dailymotion and Facebook. So it is better to create your brand on multiple platforms.

#3.4 Vimeo

Investment $0 to $600
Revenue Potential Medium
Time required to earn your first income: 10 to 12 months
Monetization Affiliate Marketing, Direct Advertising

Vimeo is also a good alternative to YouTube. There is no strong ads monetization method on Vimeo thus you need to use Affiliate marketing. Keep Vimeo as the last option to choose as your vlogging platform.

#4 Social Media

Social media is a powerful marketing tool to promote a business but you cannot earn directly from it. Therefore you should combine other ways such as Offline stores, Blogging, Sell products etc. along with Social media to earn money online. Join our to know more on making money.

#4.1 Facebook

The craze for Facebook among people around the world is a known fact. The largest social network in the world makes billions of dollar each year through their advertising system. You being active on Facebook is more important to reach a number of people.

Earning through Facebook is possible only through Facebook pages or groups. You should be connected to a good number of people to make a good income. Facebook pays publishers through their audience network for those who use Instant articles.

Please remember that Facebook does not pay individuals nor businesses for getting likes or shares. The only way Facebook pays a business is through Instant articles. Read Facebook monetization strategies here.

#4.2 Whatsapp

The app that changed conventional messaging system recently introduced WhatsApp for Business, that means small and medium businesses can connect with their customers on WhatsApp instead of traditional SMS.

Whatsapp biz is a great way to keep in touch with your customers and also to get more customers. You can create a marketing campaign on your website and use WhatsApp click to chat feature to chat with your customers instantly. They don’t even have to save your number to text you.

However WhatsApp business is still in beta so can be used only when needed.  You cannot directly make money through WhatsApp, unlike Facebook audience network.

#4.3 Instagram

Instagram does not accommodate businesses, meaning that they don’t have an option to organically promote website links. Instagram ads are the only option to promote websites.

We can earn money from Instagram by building brands and creating viral content. When you build your offline or online brand in Instagram, it will help you reach your sales goal easily. You have to combine any other ways mentioned here like selling products or services to shine in your business.

People who have a good number of followers can opt for direct advertising if that’s the case you will have to invite other businesses to feature their products/services on your profile.

Otherwise, we can use Instagram ads to promote our business.

#4.4 Twitter

Twitter allows to promote our business through both Organic and paid reach. Advertising costs are less when compared to Facebook ads.

The biggest advantage of Twitter over Facebook is the use of hashtags. Of course, Facebookers do use hashtags but that doesn’t work the way it does on Twitter. Twitter’s trending algorithm helps you gain more organic followers when you publish contents that are interesting and trend worthy. This way you can reduce the marketing costs.

#4.5 Pinterest

Pinterest offers business profiles where you can create your page to get started. Like Facebook, they do have both options of organic and paid ads reach.

Images are the key to the kingdom of Pinterest marketing. If you create great infographic images then you are sure to get good organic reach.

I have seen useful images go viral through organic reach. Pinterest is a must-have social media platform next to Facebook for those who promote any online entity.

#5. Sell your own products/services

Don’t panic just by reading the title. It is damn easy to start an eCommerce website nowadays. There are two challenges you have to face when you decide to start an eCommerce store.

  1. Choosing products/services that are less/zero competitive
  2. Digital Marketing

Choosing products/services that are less/zero competitive

Products industry: eCommerce market is very competitive and being an individual or small team it is almost impossible to compete with the gigantic rivals like Amazon.Therefore to make income through an online store you have to select products that aren’t available with the big players in the industry or at least we have to create a product with some added features. For example, you can create a customized product that may not be available in other online stores or you can customize watches and dress to sell to the local customers.

Services Industry: I don’t find any big players in the services industry(at least nobody like Amazon). Hence you can create any service that is less competitive in your local market to start up.

Target just local market initially. You can scale it to national market when you see good traction.

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is the most important part of making money online, eCommerce is not an exception. The major market share of Internet’s advertising is with Google and Facebook. Google has a greater conversion rate and costs whereas Facebook has lower conversion rate and cost. Both have its own pros and cons. But we cannot leave other players as well.

I will soon share an AtoZ guide on digital marketing to create a successful business. Subscribe to our digital marketing newsletter and online store newsletter to stay updated.

Let us see the major ways to start an eCommerce store.

#5.1 Shopify

Investment $400 to $1000
Revenue Potential Medium to High
Time required to earn your first income: 4 to 5 months
Monetization Selling products/services

Shopify is the best way to setup your online store if you are a nontechie. By choosing third-party platforms like Shopify, you minimize the headaches of setting up servers, collecting payments, creating products and processing orders. Creating an online store can’t be simpler than this.

Shopify might cost you around $30 dollars per month. This looks somewhat expensive while comparing to its counterparts, however, it is still a reasonable price because they are ready to do a lot of things on your behalf.

Setting up your eCommerce website through Shopify

  1. Register at Shopify using their $29 basic plan
  2. Name your eCommerce shop and pick your brand domain name E.g :
  3. Your products can be anything like homemade crafts, books, gifts or anything that is affordable.
  4. Take a photo of your product and create a product by following the instructions specified here.
  5. That’s all. You have created your eCommerce store and you will get paid to your bank account when ever a user purchase your product.

#5.2 Bigcommerce

Investment $400 to $1000
Revenue Potential Medium to High
Time required to earn your first income: 4 to 5 months
Monetization Selling products/services

Bigcommerce is very similar to Shopify in terms of pricing and services offered. The biggest advantage of Bigcommerce over Shopify is transaction charges.

Shopify charges 2% transaction fee on their basic plan but Bigcommerce doesn’t have such charges. But Bigcommerce enforces upgrading of plans if your store exceeds a certain transaction margin.

#5.3 Custom Software

Investment $150 to $700
Revenue Potential Medium to High
Time required to earn your first income: 6 to 7 months
Monetization Selling products/services

You cannot choose this option if you are not good at setting up websites. The custom software takes additional time to set up but ultimately reduces overall cost.

There is a large number of open source eCommerce platforms available. All we have to do is follow the simple steps to get started.

  1. Get a shared hosting plan with a reputed hosting provider like Bluehost
  2. Select a custom software from the following list.
  3. Setup a payment gateway. Choose local or global payment gateway i.e stripe, Paypal

#5.3.1 Magento

Magento is a PHP based open source eCommerce platform that helps you to set up an online store in few simple steps.

#5.3.2 Xcart

Xcart is ready-made eCommerce solution for developers.

#5.3.3 Zen Cart

Zen cart is a user-friendly open-source online store software fit for all store owners.

#5.3.4 Woocommerce

Woocommerce is a prominent eCommerce solution made for WordPress. If you are good at WordPress this is your best bet. Being a widely used CMS, WordPress has tons of themes and plugins on the market hence you have the flexibility of choice according to your requirements.

#5.3.5 Opencart

Opencart is one the best open source eCommerce solution comes with handy tools and plugins.

#6. Sell generic products through Marketplace

Investment $500 to $3000
Revenue Potential Medium to High
Time required to earn your first income: 6 to 7 months
Monetization Selling products/services

One of the best things about eCommerce marketplaces is free marketing. You can keep digital marketing aside when you choose to sell your products through a marketplace. But you have to bear the commission charges that comes with almost all the marketplaces available on the Internet. That’s absolutely fair because you get a lot of exposure that we cannot expect when we start our own online store.

It is good to register as a seller in multiple marketplaces to gain more revenue. Registering in multiple marketplaces doesn’t increase your costs of establishing a business.

Let us see the big players in the eCommerce marketplace sector. Join our marketplaces newsletter to keep yourself updated.

#6.1 Amazon

You can’t leave Amazon if you choose to sell your products through a marketplace since they hold the majority of the market share. Amazon charges a percentage of the fee for each transaction and there are a lot of other charges. We cannot discuss all of them here as this article is already long.

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#6.2 eBay

eBay is another leading player in the eCommerce industry. eBay is known for online auctions.

#6.3 Regional Marketplaces

  1. Flipkart

  2. Snapdeal

  3. Walmart

  4. Alibaba

  5. Aliexpress


  7. Taobao

  8. TMall


  10. Rakuten

  11. Lazada

  12. Jumia

#7. Sell services through Marketplace

Online services industry is as big as products industry. But there are no big players like Amazon but we can find industry-specific players.

#7.1 Fiverr

Investment $0 to $200
Revenue Potential Medium 
Time required to earn your first income: 6 to 7 months
Monetization Selling products/services

Fiverr is the largest marketplace for freelancers and lean entrepreneurs. Here freelancers offer services through their shop to small business owners. Fiverr doesn’t work like a typical freelancing portal. It allows freelancers to offer services at a fixed cost (mostly 5$) whereas traditional freelancing portals like allow an entrepreneur to hire freelancers for their work.

Earning a good money through Fiverr is tough till you get some good reviews.

#7.2 Teach Online

If you are good at teaching things then you should choose this option to earn money. Let us see the list of teaching marketplaces.

#7.2.1 Udemy

Investment $0 to $200
Revenue Potential Medium 
Time required to earn your first income: 6 to 7 months
Monetization Selling courses

Udemy is one of the biggest online teaching and learning marketplaces with over 65000 courses and 15 million students. One thing I like about Udemy is free courses.

Each and every teacher can provide free courses to gain reputation and ask students to join their paid course. Students love their platform due to lower costs.

#7.2.2 Skillshare

Investment $0 to $200
Revenue Potential Medium 
Time required to earn your first income: 6 to 7 months
Monetization Selling courses

Skillshare is another great platform to teach and earn online. Skillshare pays teachers through royalties based on the number of watched minutes. Earning potential is comparatively less than Udemy. Additionally, they offer teacher’s handbook and 30-day teaching workshop to help you build great class.

#7.2.3 Teachable

Investment $0 to $200
Revenue Potential Medium to High
Time required to earn your first income: 6 to 7 months
Monetization Selling courses

Teachable allows you to create your own marketplace, unlike Udemy where you will become a teacher in their marketplace(students will be shown your courses). Here you have to promote your marketplace to students to make money.

#7.2.4 Teach languages through Italki

Italki allows you to earn money by teaching languages online. They have some strict standards on teachers registration. So getting into Italki is hard but once you are in you can earn good amount cash by teaching virtually.

#7.2.5 Tutor

Tutor allows you to teach students online and also helps you to earn money by doing what you love.

#7.3 Justanswer help experts earn by answering questions online. Keep this as a side hustle as it does not have much-earning potential.

#8. Sell photos, videos & graphics

Professional photographers can sell their photos to any of the listed online marketplaces.

It is tough to believe that you can make money by selling your mobile photos. But that is also possible with a few ways listed below.

#8.1 Shutterstock

Shutterstock is one of the famous online marketplaces for artists and creators to sell stock photos, footage, vectors, illustrations and royalty free images. It has already paid over $500 million to their contributors.

#8.2 Depositphotos

Depositphotos allows you to sell photos and video vectors in standard formats. Depositphotos pays royalties for files purchased via on-demand downloads. Royalty is calculated based on the actual amount paid by a customer.

#8.3 Istockphoto 

Istockphoto is a good alternative to Shutterstock to earn money by selling illustrations and videos.

#8.4 Photodune

Photodune is a part of Envato marketplace to sell and buy royalty free stock photos and images. They already have over 700k stock photos and royalty free images.

#8.5 Foap

Foap allows you to sell photos captured by you from your phone. Isn’t that amazing? Yes it is. But the catch is in the selection criteria of their website. They don’t accept all photos you send their way. There are some selection criteria like quality of photos, clarity etc.

#8.6 Other sites that accept mobile photos

  • Snapwire

  • Clashot

  • Snapcape

  • Stockimo

  • Microstock Photography

#8.7 Videohive

Videohive is one of the biggest video effects marketplace part of Envato market. You should register an account in the Envato market to sell stock videos and effects on Videohive.

#8.8 Graphicriver 

Graphicriver is also a part of Envato market primarily used to buy and sell fonts, logos, and icons.

#8.9 3docean

3docean allows you to sell 3d print files and computer graphics textures starting from $2. You need to have an Envato account to make money on 3docean.

#9. Sell Web Software

If you are web programming geek, you have a wonderful opportunity to sell web software such as plugins, templates, scripts, apps etc. You can create your own website to sell software as we have seen earlier. If not you can choose to sell your code through marketplaces, as you need not worry about marketing your software.

#9.1 Codecanyon

As given on their website, it allows you to buy and sell plugins & code. You can start selling by registering an account in Envato marketplace.

#9.2 Codegrape

Codegrape allows you to sell scripts, code, plugins, and themes with their large pool of customers. You can even sell your mobile apps and graphic materials.

#10. Sell websites/ domains / mobile apps through Flippa

Flippa is a marketplace for selling and buying an online business. It is known for buying and selling websites and domains. The best way to earning money through Flippa is by selling websites that are already earning some good money. Therefore you have to create a website first, only then you can sell it.

Alternatively, you can buy premium / branded / attractive domains and resell it through Flippa. Flippa recently introduced an option to sell Shopify stores.

#11. Sell music and audio

#11.1 Audiojungle

Audiojungle lets you sell royalty free music and audio through Envato marketplace. As I said earlier, you have to keep an active Envato account to make money.

#11.2 Audible

Audible is a part of Amazon Inc.  ACX allows you to sell your approved audiobooks through three retail industry leaders such as Audible, iTunes & Amazon.

#12. Publish & Sell Books Online

#12.1 Kindle Direct Publishing

KDP also known as Kindle direct publishing lets you self-publish your books directly online. By publishing ebooks on KDP you will earn higher royalties and maximize your book’s sales potential by reaching a new audience.

#12.2 Apple iTunes Connect

iTunes Connect allows you to sell your content including books, music, films & apps to the customers of iTunes.

#12.3 Lulu

Lulu is a self-publishing book & ebook company. It allows you to sell your books on their marketplace

Ways to Make Money Online from Jobs

#13. Freelancing

Freelancing is the best option if you are looking for an online job. But making your first income through freelancing is really tough since you have to compete with a large number of freelancers and SMEs.

Beginners don’t get projects easily. You have to bid less on projects of your taste.

You can earn a handful of money once you gain some experience and reputation. I have seen many freelancers making tens of thousand dollars easily without spending all their time and efforts. The great advantage of being a freelancer is work freedom. Join our freelancers newsletter to get upcoming articles directly to your inbox.

Let us see some freelancing portals where you can start up.


    2. Upwork

    3. Worknhire

    4. Guru

    5. Toptal

    6. Truelancer

#14. Write Articles & Content

Writing is always an evergreen job either online or offline. You can earn money by writing content based on the client’s requirement. Let me list few reputed websites to start writing jobs.

#14.1 Contentmart

Contentmart is an online marketplace for freelance content writing. You have to register as a writer and create your profile based your experience. Contentmart pays freelancers based on their experience and quality of works delivered. It is one of the go-to places who is looking for content writing jobs.

#14.2 iWriter

iWriter is another website for freelance content writers. They have three levels such as standard writers, premium writers, and elite writers. You will get paid on the basis of word count. Cost per word varies based on their level of expertise.

#14.3 Textbroker

Textbroker is another marketplace for content writers that allows you to earn by writing content. It has a variety of options for beginners as well as experienced to select projects. Your earning depends on how good your content is.

#14.4 Other websites

Almost all the websites on the Internet needs content thus you have an ocean of opportunities. All you need to do is search for the open positions. Content writers can work remotely. Look for open positions in small and medium-sized websites.

Most websites recruit content writers through a freelance portal like thus you have greater chances to land on a remote content job if you are active on a freelance community.

#15. Test Websites / Collect Information

#15.1 Usertesting

Usertesting is user experience research platform. They pay you to visit websites or apps, complete a set of tasks, share your feedback and speak your thoughts. You can use this way to make money in your leisure time. Each test can earn you up to $10.

#15.2 Google Quality Raters

Tech giant Google offers an online job to test websites according to their quality standards and provide feedback. Google has given a detailed guide on how to test websites and give ratings. People who master the standards given in the guide can avail the job.

#16. Micro earnings from Rewards & Surveys

The following websites help you earn quite a few bucks in your spare time.

    1. Swagbucks

    2. Google Opinion Rewards

    3. Mypoints

    4. Slicethepie

    5. Nielsen Internet usage count

    6. Qmee

    7. Inboxdollars

    8. Paidviewpoint

    9. OnlineVerdict

    10. WiseStep


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